Watch Demagnetizer UK plug plus test compass

Watch Demagnetizer UK plug plus test compass

Watch Demagnetizer  

ships with UK plug adapter and

a compass for testing the watch

Watches are very prone to accidental magnetization

putting near a magnet magnetizes the hair spring causing the watch to suddenly run

very fast or stop altogether

test by passing near the compass to see if it affects the needle

to demagnetize your watch

first it needs to be stopped either by running down or hacking

hold the watch just above the flat demagnetizer plate and 

when pressing the button lift the watch gently and slowly straight up away from the demagnetizer

test with the compass and should the watch still deflect the needle

repeat but starting higher up each time.

How it works

the demagnetizer emits a strong oscillating magnetic field

this alternately magnetizes the watch North and then South

the trick is that each time it gets demagnetized and remagnetized with the opposite

polarity and as the distance increases the the effect is weaker.

the raising is important just placing it on the machine will not demagnetize the watch.

use also to demagnetize tools before working on your watch.

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    Watch Demagnetizer UK plug plus test compass