Knife sharpening system

Knife sharpening system

knife sharpening system

excellent for sharpening planer / thicknesser blades and tersa knives

also sharpen carbide inserts top face down on a 600 diamond

flat on your bench.

with integrated clamp

features a quick release knife clamp

bar with pivot and handle takes two stones

allows for sharpening angle adjustment.

stones are 150mm by 20mm by 5mm

a handy size can be used separately for sharpening

Base kit comes with 240, 400 600 and 1000 grit Diamond stones.

Options include 

Additional grits of diamond,

use dry and clean with a pencil eraser after use.

Water whetstones

wet before use and keep wet by flipping the stone over and dripping water on it,

Oil stones, wet with oil, such as 3 in 1.

Leather strop

rub a generous amount of compound into the strop before each use,

only use a dragging motion and strop each side after the final sharpen

a couple of times.

strop comes with 28g block green course compound.

also available larger 90g blocks of brown medium tripoli compound

 and find 'diamond White' compound.

The Round Diamond stones replace the stone holding clamp and

are 6mm diameter for serrated knifes

The triangular stone is made from green Silicone Carbide

it has a 60 degree angle and is symmetrical.

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    Knife sharpening system