Sipo Mahogany Body Blanks

Sipo Mahogany Body Blanks

Entandrophragma utile  s,g, 0.63 Stability T/R 1.4

wonderful wood, highly recommended

Attractive stable and easily machinable, this West African Mahogany 

 a straight to slightly waving grain and almost completely flawless.

Same species as Sapele but tending to be straighter  grained with 

fewer blemishes.

two types, 2pc unglued or 1pc ( one single wide piece of timber

two sizes,   guitar is 355mm by 480mm 

                   Bass is 355mm by 535mm (precision Bass etc)


Two cuts, Flat which includes rift, and quartersawn which will be very close to 90 degrees 

Two grades, standard (nearly flawless) and flawless

The Sipo is sourced from the republic of Congo

from FSC forest managed by IFO/interholco

ranked no 1 for responsible forest management in Africa

by the open timber portal

Which to pick.

on whether one or two piece are better
I think the preference for two piece is because the
manufacturers use two piece, if there is a difference at all
the absence of the glue will allow vibrations to pass
through the  1 pc blank 
aesthetically the one piece are beautiful with the figure running across
the entire body but may look a bit odd to someone used to standard guitars.
Price wise the one piece blanks go through my drum sander which is much slower
and makes them more expensive.

the difference between standard and flawless is not huge in the Sipo as it is almost always
virtually flawless anyway. 

regarding the difference between Quarter sawn and standard I reckon the difference is largely aesthetic
with quartersawn you get the grain as a series of parallel lines where the rings are cut,
standard tends to show the grain more akin to a contour map, both are nice and it's a matter of taste.

Thickness wise the blanks are all dressed so the amount needing removed is minimal

so go close to the thickness you need.

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    Sipo Mahogany Body Blanks