Sapele Mahogany Body Blanks

Sapele Mahogany Body Blanks


entandrophragma cylindricum   s.g. 0.6   Hardness 6.3KN,   T/R ratio 1.5 (low)   The Congo certified VLO

Sapele is a tropical African timber often sold as Mahogany, the stuff I am stocking is harvested in the DRC on a government concession, it is Kiln dried. Very stable and with an interesting ribbon pattern, sold as standard which will be the flat and rift sawn planks and Quartersawn which have a grain at 60 to 90 degrees to the face, it's a very stable wood so either will be perfectly fine, blanks are square cut, unglued and are cut from two consecutive pieces of the same board.

Guitar bodies are 355mm by 480mm

Bass bodies are 355mm by 535mm

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    Sapele Mahogany Body Blanks