Metal Film Resistors for guitars

Metal Film Resistors for guitars

1/4w 1% Metal film resistors 8mm by 2mm

Each recommended resistor (underlined) 

comes with two free resistors of similar close values to try out

if you want to experiment. This may be most useful with the partial tap resistors

where small changes can have a big effect.

3 packs contain three of each value

9 in total

6.2 / 6.8 / 7.5 ohm partial tap (3 pk)

120K / 130K / 150K (3 pk)

240K / 270k / 300k (3 pk)

360K / 430K / 470K (3 pk)

510K / 560K / 620K (3 pk)

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    Metal Film Resistors for guitars