Quartersawn Sapele Fretboard Blanks

Quartersawn Sapele Fretboard Blanks


Entandrophragma cylindricum  

An Excellent wood for guitars, apart from its similarity to Mahogany ( often sold as such) it grows with a slight twist which reverses every few years which gives it the characteristic ribbon stripes in the quarter sawn stock which are both attractive and add to its stability, although they can require more care when planing.

Quarter sawn is where the annual growth rings are between 60 and 90 degrees to the face of the timber, which gives it a more uniform appearance and the pleasing ribbon effect.

Slightly lighter and softer than Maple but only very slightly and it's considerably more stable.

Blanks are 70mm to 75mm wide and 7-9mm thick

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    Quartersawn Sapele Fretboard Blanks