prewired pickguard White or Pearl

prewired pickguard White or Pearl

Item: A Set Loaded Prewired SSS Guitar Pickguard Set.
Fit for Amercian Standard FD Strat Style Guitar Parts Replacement  .
This set includes sss guitar pickguard; 3 single-coil pickups; 1 volume and 2 tone control pots & knobs, and a 5-way switch.
Built-in knobs, switch, pickups and prewired circuit, come with mounting screws , easy to mount.

Loaded Prewired SSS Pickguard Set.
Pickguard:Cream color ,3ply PVC material, SSS style, 11 screw mounting holes in the side of pickguard.

Single Coil Pickup: Neck/Middle/Bridge Pickups,ceramic magnet,flat fixed pole pieces ,pole spacing 48mm/50mm/52mm(N/M/B),resistance 5-6 kohm (N/M/B).
Knob&Pots: 2T1V knobs, mini pots ,A500k pots for tone ,B500k pot for volume.
Switch: 5-way pickup selector toggle switch .
With pure aluminum foil shielded in the back side of pickguard.

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    prewired pickguard White or Pearl