Pau Rosa Fretboard Blanks

Pau Rosa Fretboard Blanks

Pau Rosa ( Bobgunnia madagascariensis ) is a beautiful east african timber, hard and dense with a specific gravity of 1.03 it works easily and finishes well, the wood will darken with age which should immprove it's look, often sold as rosewood ( dalbergia spp) but while technically not a rosewood it certainly looks like one. Sustainably forested with FSC certification and not endangered.

Sold in two sizes

guitar 65mm by 600mm by about 7mm

     (note the width is only 65mm)

Bass 75mm by 700mm by about 9mm

The blanks are quarter sawn, air dried and nice and straight grained, I've selected out the ones with the straightest grain, nicest colour and grain parallel to the edge so sell as Best. The Plan sawn blanks have the attractiveness  associated with the additional figure and are a good option.

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    Pau Rosa Fretboard Blanks