Mother of Pearl Rosette

Mother of Pearl Rosette

White Mother or pearl rosette inlay

full set of twelve make one complete inlay

2mm: Inside Diameter= 110mm(4.33'')  Width= 2mm(0.078'')  Thickness= 1.5mm(0.059'')
3mm: Inside Diameter= 110mm(4.33'')  Width= 3mm(0.118'')  Thickness= 1.5mm(0.059'')
4mm: Inside Diameter= 110mm(4.33'')  Width= 4mm(0.157'')  Thickness= 1.5mm(0.059'')

This is a laminated product and should be inlayed so that a minimum of sanding and scraping is necessary. Over sanding and scraping may result in a less vibrant color.

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    Mother of Pearl Rosette