Carving Gouges

Carving Gouges

Handmade fishtail gouges

fairly shallow at about a 5 or 6 in Sheffield sweep scale

forged socket and hardwood handle

handle is loose and should bed in with use

can be struck with wooden or rubber mallets

arrives sharp, see sharpening section for diamond sharpening tools

sold singly by approx width in mm

if you have a dremmel type tool add the honing set for £1.50

it includes a felt wheel and a lifetimes supply of polishing compound

spin the wheel against the compound and rotate against the chisel spinning away from

the cutting surface to keep the chisel razor sharp for ages between sharpenings

apply the compound frequently as the grit will wear and hone often.

also available is the diamond sharpening pen

with 400 grit and round and conical faces for sharpening the inside of carving gouges.

Six Piece Set

bargain 6 pc set same quality as the rest, 

pre sharpened although they could do with honing

set contains 

 flat fishtail 10mm

flat fishtail 18mm

Skew chisel 15mm

shallow gouge 10mm

shallow gouge 18mm

V tool 60 degrees 10mm

comes with cloth tool roll.

Long handled gouges

these oriental style carving gouges have 190mm by 15mm long handles

and short fishtail blades currently only in 10mmm but more sizes available

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    Carving Gouges