Blackwood Fretboard Blank

Blackwood Fretboard Blank

African Blackwood - dalbergia melanoxylon

A true rosewood from Mozambique, one of the darkest black woods currently available and also one of the hardest, 

very hard and dense and it will require sharp tools and a bit of skill to work, sourced from a forest that regenerating the environment and local economy and which in recent years has planted as many as ten thousand Blackwood saplings a year.

The sizes are approximate.

The blanks are lightly machined but will show some machining marks, I've checked for straightness and for any knots or splits, the moisture content is reading as 6% on my meter and when machined the blanks are sealed in air tight bags so they will stay dry.

Any that have either flaws outwith the finished fretboard or stuff like that will be for sale in store cheaper and any with sapwood or wild grain I'll be selling in store as boxmaking blanks.

Some of the ones I don't think are fretboard quality I'm selling as rejects. hopefully a bargain, use for whatever you want, the thicknesses will vary more than the others.

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    Blackwood Fretboard Blank