Air purge spray

Air purge spray

Part-full cans of oil finishes often thicken up when stored for longer periods of time. This is because the air inside the can is causing the oil to cure; the more air there is, the quicker this will happen. There are many solutions to this age-old problem, involving decanting or stones or something equally fiddly…

Here’s something a bit easier!

Air Purge Spray contains an inert, heavier-than-air gas. When sprayed into a can of oil (such as Finishing Oil or Hard Wax Oil) the gas expands and replaces the air. Without the air, the curing process of the oil is slowed down, meaning that it stays usable a lot longer.
The nozzle has a short spout included to make it easier to spray into a can.

Depending on how much air gap there is in the can, a 3-5 second spray is usually sufficient. Air Purge Spray does not affect the oil finish, and works with most oils.

200ml can

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    Air purge spray