250K potentiometers

250K potentiometers

Short shaft (15.5mm) pot, whole shaft made of brass material, longer-life use, gives you a smoother and more accurate response. 

24-Tooth Split knurled shaft diameter 1/4" (6mm), thread shaft diameter 3/8" (9.5mm).

Low torque and low noise smooth feel.

Each pot includes a flat washer, lock washer, and a hex mounting nut  for custom height adjustment on a pickguard or control plate.

250K usually is used for single-coil pickups.

Resistance: 250kohm.

Type:A Type(Audio Taper) / B Type (Linear Taper ) for option.

Shaft Diameter: Approx.6mm (1/4").

Threaded Shaft Diameter: Approx. 9.5mm (3/8" ).

Shaft Length:15.5mm

Base Size: Approx.24mm.

Audio Taper (A) increases or decreases in a sloped curve fashion; Linear Taper (B) increases or decreases in a linear fashion; Audio Taper (A) are always used as Tone and Linear Taper (B) are always used as Volume, but you can use Audio Taper as Volume and Linear Taper as Tone as well, it usually depends on your personal preference.

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    250K potentiometers