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Unprocessed Guitar Blanks

Unprocessed Guitar Blanks
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All these items will be getting machined and moved to their proper sections soon if you want to wait,


Because of the backlog of machining I am now offering the unprocessed blanks for sale,
The blanks are as they arrive at mine, oversize with rough unmachined surfaces.
I can give them a visual inspection but the true quality won't emerge till they are machined,
The Body Blanks are 2" nominal and it is rare for one to be rejected after machining,
The Chacate, Milk Pear, Newtonia, Tamboti and Mopane are 20mm by 78mm by 550mm and are fairly well sawn, it may be possible to get two fretboards from a blank but more likely one and a 3-5mm slice, These are pretty good, I only reject the odd one into general stock.
The Panga Panga is either
75mm by 10mm by 500mm
85mm by 10mm by 700mm
Quartersawn and good quality
The Pau Rosa is
85mm by 12mm by 720mm
occasional small knots can become apparent during machining