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Two Part Body blanks

Two Part Body blanks
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These blanks are 46mm thick 480mm or 530mm long and about 180mm wide, they are dressed both sides and have the edges cleaned up for planing and jointing. Boards are consecutive pieces from the same length of timber.

Walnut, (American black) Light at 520kg per cubic metre, very attractive.

Ash is quite light at 690kg per cubic metre, works reasonably well and because of it's porous nature is well suited to two colour staining effects.

Cherry (American Red) 634kg per cubic metre, Kiln dried. A nice wood which is very easy to work, cherry can have small lines of dark resin which can look like shakes, it can also have small, cats paw burring and small amounts of sapwood at one edge, although one face will always be sapwood free, a recommended timber.

The Cherry marked as character has inclusions and sapwood but are selected to be attractive if you like a bit of character in your project

Tulipwood (American name Poplar) is light at 580 kg per cubic metre and is easy to work, it is generally considered a timber for painting over but is an attractive wood in it's own right and ages to a very attractive antique look. Sold Kiln dried at 8% this is one that requires more careful storage as movement to a significantly dryer environment before finishing can cause dramatic splitting, if you have a hygrometer (available at good tobaconists) keep it above RH 45 or if in doubt keep it wrapped up between working on it.

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