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Thermally Aged Tonewood (Torrefied)

Thermally Aged Tonewood (Torrefied)
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Our Price:  £40.00

It's a totally weird wood, far too light and soft and prone to small shakes.
but it has it's fans, I would advise against unless you are the adventurous type as it is a challenge and can be frustrating to work
but as I say it does have it's fans,
A 38mm thick guitar blank ais 2.1kg
before any shaping that's an s.g of .35 not that far from
Obeche at .38
but the roasting has weakened it, that said it is very attractive and has a
great tone. And does get a lot of repeat sales, I've put everyone's comments on facebook each time I get feedback and you are recommended to search through my page to find them.


Thermally Aged Ayous Tonewood

(your blank is rectangular, the photo is from a customer of a work in progress)


46mm thick 355mm wide and 480mm or 535mm long the timber is between quarter and rift cut and is about as flawless as I've ever seen.

The thermal ageing (torrefied tonewood) is a drying process using Heat at around 200 degrees C in a high pressure steam environment, this mimics the tonal effects of ageing on the wood. There are various articles online discussing this and I would advise reading up before buying.

Ayous:- Triplochiton scleroxylon Is a large tree up to 55m tall with a buttres of about 6m followed by 25m of straight branch free trunk of branches, the grain is straight and largely knot free, it is slightly interlocking which fives the characteristic striped effect in Rift and Quartersawn stock. The stock sustainably sourced from Equatorial Africa and is described as Quartersawn although I'm going through it and regrading it as either Rift or Quarter.

The Timber is very light at S.G 0.36 (although Basswood at 0.415 is not a lot denser) It's quite soft and some people will think it too soft also it's relatively porous but it does machine easily. The Thermo process darkens the wood considerably. But the change in tone is dramatic and tapping the blanks elicits a bright ringing sound.

The feedback on these is generally quite positive with most going to Scandanavia