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The Shop in Glasgow

Customers are welcome to visit the shop, where there is a very different range or stock, full dressed boards and hardwood offcuts, guitar blanks, bowl blanks, Woodfinishes, abrasives and exotic timbers.

Just in: dressed boards in Rhodesian Tiak and Kiaat, 150mm by 1200mm and either 25mm or 50mm the 25mm boards are £18 and the 50mm are £38

Just in, a range of 180 grit ceramic belts for a variety of machines including the pro-edge machine and many small linishers. Ceramic belts will work on wood and metal including tool steel so you can convert any machine into a sharpening device, Ceramic, although more expensive represents excellent value for money due to it's extremely long life.

New in 21/2/19 A range of guitar necks from the Dalmann sawmill in Mozambique these are the first of a range that we are developing and any feedback will be welcome. Once we get the choices sorted out I'll be getting lots more, the Chacate preto, blackwood and brown ivory look particularly promising.


New in 20/2/19  replacement stones for bench grinders, top quality stones from Kinik, if your machine has the grey wheels it came with these wheels will be a major upgrade, white and pink will sharpen tools and drill bits while the green will grind carbide lathe tools, prices start at £14 most popular sizes in stock, bring wheel, spindle and bush sizes or the old wheel and bush to get the correct one, alternately bring the whole machine for free fitting

Just back in stock, I've git some more Elm slabs, the small ones are sanded and are £150 each, the large ones are £300 as is or £400 sanded, and for scale the blue thing to the right of the picture is a folding chair.



The range of bowl blanks is now in one place at the rear of the shop, I'll install extra lighting soon to make inspection easier, should have some interesting exotics coming soon too.



19/5/18  Back in, Dansette legs (vintage stock but unused) selling for £18 a set complete with fixing plates.




18/5/18   The first of the new batch of lime is now dry and will be cut into a variety of carving and instrument making blanks








New in this week, lots of slices of spalted Beech. No big bits unfortunately but that is there is exceptional quality







Shop stock includes hundreds of dressed boards up to 3m long which are sold cut to length. There is a wide range of native hardwood boards with live ( waney ) edges and a load of pre cut dressed mantles. The range of exotics is much more extensive than the mail order selection. Visit the shop during opening hours to browse.