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Quartersawn Maple Necks

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Our Price:  £25.00

Quartersawn Maple
Acer saccharum
also called Hard maple, sugar maple, rock maple, and various other inventions to try and sexy it up.
A dream wood for a neck, stable. easy to work, attractive and well known in the market.

Quartersawing is where the wood is cut so that the growth rings are at 60 to 90 degrees to the face of the blank. Quartersawing is considered disirable in a guitar blank as movement with changes in moisture content is in a predictable direction, the growth lines form neat parallel lined along it's length which realy gives a look of quality. Finally it's a good selling point.

Selling in two grades

Best ; which has the lines very close to 90 degrees, straight growth lines parallel to the edge of the blank, no irregular grain knots or discolouration

Standard will still be quartersawn and be free of knots, discolouration etc, and be of perfectly useable quality.