Pro-edge Belts

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Ceramic Axminster and Proedge Belts

Ceramic Axminster and Proedge Belts£5.00

Superior Quality Ceramic belts manufactured by Klingspor

Klingspor Zirconium Pro-edge belt

Klingspor Zirconium Pro-edge belt£3.40

Zirconium Pro-edge belts from Klingspor of Germany

Zirconium belts for Pro Edge Machine

Zirconium belts for Pro Edge Machine£2.00

Zirconium Belt to fit ProEdge sharpening system Budget Zirconium

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

A Range of belts made to fit the Robert Sorby Pro-edge machine and Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge Sharpening SystemZirconium belts (blue) are widely used in industry for metal grinding, they cut well and have a good lifespan, they are self sharpening so excess pressure will cause rapid wear, Phoenix Naylors belts are manufactured in Chesterfield and are the good quality at a good price. Klingspor Zirconium belts are excellent quality at a good price.
Ceramic are tougher than Zirconium, should have a longer life and are available in higher grits.