Pro-edge Belts

Note that it is an aspect of the Sorby machine that the belt runs towards the blade causing excess wear and breakage, it's important to approach the belt with care and to skiff gently, don't press the tool into the belt.

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Ceramic Axminster ultimate Belts

Ceramic Axminster ultimate Belts£5.00

Superior Quality Ceramic belts manufactured by Klingspor for the Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge Reverse Running Sharpening System and in grits unique to Reid Timber

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A Range of belts made to fit the Robert Sorby Pro-edge machine and Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge Sharpening SystemZirconium belts (blue) are widely used in industry for metal grinding, they cut well and have a good lifespan, they are self sharpening so don't press too hard, Phoenix Naylors belts are manufactured in Chesterfield and are the good quality at a good price. Klingspor Zirconium belts are excellent quality at a good price.
Ceramic are tougher than Zirconium, should have a longer life and are available in higher grits.