Pro-edge Belts

Phoenix Naylors Zirconium belts in 60 and 120 grit  Klingspor Zirconium belts (on the way ) in 60 and 120 grit and Klingspor Ceramic Belts in 240, 320 and 400 grit

When using Pro-edge machines it's important to use the appropriate grits as the 60 is intended for stock removal while the 120 and higher are for honing. Remember not to press down gentle application will give the best cut and greatly extend the life of the belts as these abrasives are self sharpening the Zirconia and Ceramic grits chip to expose fresh sharp edges unlike Aluminium oxide which rounds off.


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Ceramic Pro-edge Belts

Ceramic Pro-edge Belts£5.00

Superior Quality Ceramic Pro-edge belts manufactured by Klingspor and in grits unique to Reid Timber

Klingspor Zirconium Pro-edge belt

Klingspor Zirconium Pro-edge belt£3.40

Zirconium Pro-edge belts from Klingspor of Germany

Zirconium belts for Pro Edge Machine

Zirconium belts for Pro Edge Machine£2.00

Zirconium Belt to fit ProEdge sharpening system Budget Zirconium

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A Range of belts made to fit the Robert Sorby Pro-edge machine. Ordering direct from the manufacturer and in bulk allows us to offer these at very keen prices
Aluminium Oxide belts (brown) can be made in grits up into the hundreds but are too soft and have very short lives.
Zirconium belts (blue) are widely used in industry for metal grinding, they cut well and have a good lifespan, they are self sharpening so don't press too hard, Phoenix Naylors belts are manufactured in Chesterfield and are the good quality at a good price. Klingspor Zirconium belts are excellent quality at a good price.
Ceramic are tougher than Zirconium, should have a longer life and are available in higher grits. I think that the 240, 320 and 400 grit range are unique to Reid Timber and should be ideal for sharpening tools, filling a gap in the usual grit range between Ceramic and Trizac.