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Pre Catalysed NitroCellulose Lacquer

Pre Catalysed NitroCellulose Lacquer
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Brand:  Chestnut Products

Chestnut Products

Independent British Company making over 90% of products here in Britain.


Chestnut Melamine Lacquer,
Melamine Lacquer is a melamine modified, pre-catalysed nitrocellulose lacquer
This Lacquer produces a very fine and very tough coat, with practically no darkening, It dries in minutes and can be polisched or burnished for a higher shine,
Compatible with Cellulose Sanding Sealer which will act as a first coat but isn't essential.
Very easy to apply with a cloth or brush, it's speed of drying mean you have to take care to avoid boing back to areas that are already tacky.
Can be sprayed and is thinned with Chestnut Cellulose Thinners
It is also possible to add up to 10% Chestnut spirit stains which can give extra depth of colour over stained wood