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Panga Panga Fretboard Blanks

Panga Panga Fretboard Blanks
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Brand:  FSC Certified


FSC Certified Panga Panga Fretboard blanks from Tanzania, These are not as dark at the Mozambique Panga Panga but are straight grained and quarter sawn,
They come in Two sizes
Guitar 70mm by 500mm by about 9mm
Bass 80mm by 700mm by about 9mm

And I've picked out the ones with the straightest grain running parallel to the length which are listed as "best"

I've run them through the thicknesser to get them ready but will still be some planer marks to sand outPanga Panga (illettia stuhlmannii) isn't the easiest wood to work but does produce good results,
Sustainably forrested and not endangered, ok to take through customs etc.