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Panga Panga Fingerboard Blanks

Panga Panga Fingerboard Blanks
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Selling in several grades
Raw, which is off saw, the sawing is quite well down and not a lot of work needs to be done on these.
Dressed which has been machined down to a set thickness giving a more accurate dimensioning.
Best- these are the nicest of the bunch and may have a particularly attractive figure or a very straight grain or be close to quarter sawn.
Quartersawn- These have a grain which is at 60 to 90 degrees to the vertical


Panga Panga fretboard blanks
these come from Northern Mozambique
and are specially cut by the Dalmann Sawmill.

sizes are fairly close but are approximate, and the thickness of the raw blanks can be a mil or two over.
the blanks are dressed ready for a final flatten and shaping. Raw Blanks ( listed as off saw ) are available
as they arrive, I have inspected them for any obvious flaws but have not done any machining. They are off saw but look pretty good and are probably a good option if you have the equipment to run them to size.The Mozambique Panga is dark and rich looking and althouch not the easiest to machine it is an attractive wood, the timber is processed to a high ethical standard visit the Dalmann website to see what they are doing for the environment and in the community