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One Piece Electric Guitar Body Blanks

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The Walnut and Cherry are split into standard and premium, the standard Walnut may have some sapwood while the standard Cherry may have dark resin streaks the Cherry B is the same but more so, don't be put off the quality should still be there it's just a bit more natural looking. Premium will be free of these.

Brand:  EUTR Compiant



Electric Guitar Body Blanks, all blanks are one piece blanks cut from very wide boards without a glue line, Available in Walnut, Maple, Utile, Ash, Cherry, Nigerian Cedar (Agba) and Tulipwood.

There are three sizes, the small are 355mm by 480mm by 46mm thick, standard are 355mm by 535mm by 46mm thick, the large are 46mm by 455mm by 575mm suitable for flying V's or Axe bass' where possible the blanks will be machined to centre the grain pattern on the line of the strings, sizes are approximate and a few milimetres less on the width is not considered a flaw.

Blanks are machined to size and sanded smooth, they will require final finishing.

Guitar made by Alistair Russell using an Ash one piece blank.

Ash  (Fraxus americans - sg 0.6) White in colour with occasional streaks of mid brown Ash is fairly light and course grained with a ring porous structure which allows the two colour and grain filling effects, easy to work and to glue and finish.

Agba (Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum sg 0.5)

A very light and soft timber easy to work but on the soft side, I think this is what was used on the flying V. Aslo known as Tola it is certainly admired for it's tonal qualities, some tendency to have gum tracks but I'll select the blanks to have very few or hopefully none of these or to have theme at the extreme outsides as those in the photo.

Walnut (Juglans nigra sg 0.55)

Extremely attractive and easy to work, it polishes up nice particularly if used with an oil based finish, a bit more expensive but well worth the money.mid brown with a paler sapwood which is not in any of the blanks sold by mail-order.



(Liriodendron tulipifera s.g 0.45)

The Americans call this Yellow Poplar but it's a member of the magnolia family, light and easy to work it finishes well creamy yellow with irregular streaks of brown green purple or black, it's considered a painting grade wood, bought for it's ease of work and cheepness. Nothing to do with the brazilian tulipwood.

American black Cherry (Prunus serotina) s.g. 0.56

this is a light weight hardwood which is easy to work and very attractive, these will generally have sapwood at the edges as it's a hard one to source in wide boards.



Rock Maple

Maple is a hard and dense timber with excellent workability, a traditional guitar wood. beautiful with a lacquer finish.