Neck Blanks

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Exotic Hardwood Necks from Mozambique

Exotic Hardwood Necks from Mozambique£15.00  -  £45.00

A range of Guitar necks from the Dalmann Sawmill in Mozambique

Hardwood Guitar Necks

Hardwood Guitar Necks£9.15  -  £32.50

Guitar Neck Blanks in a variety of suitable hardwoods

Maple Neck blanks

Maple Neck blanks£1.00  -  £25.50

75mm Wide Guitar Neck Blanks

75mm Wide Guitar Neck Blanks£12.00  -  £18.00

Mahogany Neck Blanks

Mahogany Neck Blanks£14.00  -  £33.40

Quartersawn Walnut Neck Blanks

Quartersawn Walnut Neck Blanks£20.00  -  £55.00

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items