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Neck and Tail Blocks

Neck and Tail Blocks
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Neck and End blocks for Acoustic guitar building.

Neck blocks, also called Heel blocks and Head blocks fit inside the body and are used to mount the neck to.
Cut to 100mm by 70mm by 35mm with the grain running along the 70mm direction.
End blocks, also called Tail blocks are used at the tail end of the guitar body to reinforce the joint.
Cut to 120mm by 80mm by 20mm with the grain running along the 80mm direction.

Mahogany, also called Sipo Mahogany or Utile.
Entandrophragma utile
this is the best of the timbers currently sold as Mahogany, Essy to work and virtually indestinguishable from the no longer available Cuban Mahogany to which it is related.

Entandrophragma cylindricum
Related to the Sipo Mahogany this has a more irregular grain which gives an attractive striped effect when oiled but makes it slightly harder to machine.

Acer saccharum
Also known as Sugar Maple and Rock Maple this very pale wood is light, strong and easy to work.

Black WalnutJuglans nigraDark timber, easy to work, the easiest to stain to match with Indian Rosewood