Musical Instrument Timbers

What's New in this section

7/5 With the arrival of the new drum sander I've cut the price of the fretboards which are now easier to produce.

26/4 A range of Clarinet turning blanks added and the Bagpipe sets are back in stock

25/4  I've added Zebrano fretboards in most sizes and have increased the options in Accent strips to give more timbers and thicknesses.

20/4 I've added Cigar box guitar neck blanks

18/4 I've added micromesh and abrasive packs to the guitar section, to allow people who are ordering blanks to get abrasives with effectively free delivery

16/4 I've added two piece body blanks for those that prefer two pieces

Guitar and Bass Blanks

Blanks specially cut to suit Guitar and Bass building


Bagpipe and Clarinet blanks.

I'm starting a gallery and comments section, so if you have bought a blank here, why not send a photo of the finished guitar I'll feature it along with a name check.
So far the response has been very positive, and the Guitar makers have been an absolute pleasure to deal with.
I'm expanding the range, premium grade Ebony is ordered, I'm adding solid body Mandolin and Ukulele blanks but haven't settled on a thickness (suggestions please)
Zebrano is also ordered along with a large pallet of mixed exotic that may yield some interesting fretboards.
I'm considering trying to get Yew of a sufficient quality to make necks Yew that good is very rare but I'll keep an eye out. Finally You are welcome to visit the shop in person , the shop is open every day except Sunday and Monday

And a final word, I get a lot of input from customers to the shop and in particular a guy called Coco who's extensive knowledge of guitars and other instruments is very much appreciated, he answers all questions not with opinion but with well reasoned arguments and examples from actual instruments.