Musical Instrument Timbers


Here is the range of timbers for musical instruments.

I'm mostly focusing on one piece bodies and necks, I have an excellent contact at one of the distributors who reserves all the boards wider than 355mm when they come in, it's not an unlimited source but I can get lots of Poplar and Sapele, Ash, Walnut and Agba are harder to get and the Cherry is very rare.

With the necks I try to stock a wide range of sizes and try to select, knot, sapwood and pip free pieces, Quartersawn is very rare.

I'm trying to expand the range, particularly in fretboards and have ordered a good load of Blackwood and Ivory from Mozambique but nothing is guaranteed and export licences are getting harder to get, ( even though the Blackwood is from well managed forestry and comes with all certification and paperwork).

If you feel you want to ask anything about a particular blank before ordering I can dig it out and inspect it also if you have any photo's of finished guitars that might help me illustrate a timber I would appreciate them, I can use them anonymously, attributed or as a mini advert with a link to your website or facebook page.

Delivery is usually by UPS for bodies and 30" necks and Hermes for longer items, packages are well wrapped and using pre-used with quite random branding.


Regular customers may notice that the Maple and Cherry necks have gone up slightly in price ( about 50p) this is because I am now re-sawing the blanks from thicker material, this is giving better quality blanks which I hope you will appreciate, I'm also adding more sizes and thicknesses to the one piece range.





Here's a Quarter sawn Sapele body as used by Jason Sutch of Sutch guitars, who can be found here

Sutch Guitars


Here's an Ash Body by Dougie W, it shows how nicely the figure can extend across the one piece body. Dougie has bought a few times and there are other pictures of his builds on the site. The Ash is one of the harder timbers to get in the size and quality so if you need flawless the Sapele is a better option.