Musical Instrument Blanks

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Electric Guitar Body Blank Selector

Electric Guitar Body Blank Selector£38.00  -  £114.00

Electric Guitar Body Blanks in One and Two piece, in Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Utile (Mahogany) Ash and Tulipwood.

Large Nigerian Cedar body blank

Large Nigerian Cedar body blank£58.00

Large guitar body blank

Ziracote spindle blanks

Ziracote spindle blanks£24.00

Ziracote spindle blank

Quarter Sawn Neck Blanks

Quarter Sawn Neck Blanks£15.00  -  £35.00

Quarter Sawn Hardwood Guitar Neck Blanks


Fingerboards£10.00  -  £21.00

Thin boards of various exotic hardwoods suitable for fingerboards and box making

Hardwood Guitar Necks

Hardwood Guitar Necks£8.80  -  £60.00

Guitar Neck Blanks in a variety of suitable hardwoods

Sonokeling Rosewood£6.50

Sonokeling Rosewood bowl and spindle blanks.


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items