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Maple Neck blanks

Maple Neck blanks
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American Hard Maple Neck blanks
blanks are dressed both faces and should just need a light sand.

The Maple is from the north of the USA and from Canada, it's variously called Hard Maple, Rock Maple etc, it's almost never quarter sawn but I can get 75mm thick flat sawn which is sometimes thick enough to get a quartersawn neck out of by slicing vertically. I can get is in 24mm 38mm 51mm 63mm and 75mm so certain neck thicknesses i.e. those between 25 and 35mm are not easily available. The necks are dressed to thickness and should be ready for shaping so no need to go oversize on your blanks.Quartersawn is anything over 60 degrees to the vertical and any sold as best will be the ones that stand out as straighter grained, whiter or just plain special, any quarter sawn blanks that are ok but maybe not nice enough for the extra price of quartersawn are bundled with the plane sawn and most of the plane sawn 75mm blanks will be rift or quarter.If you buy a Maple Neck and Fretboard blank in the same order I'll try to pick out ones that match.Only about 20% of the Maple I buy turns out to be guitar quality so restocking can be difficult.