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Hard Wax Oil

Hard Wax Oil£33.29   £30.00

Liberon Hard Wax Oil

Liberon jade oil

Liberon jade oil£17.00

Jade Oil helps slow down tarnishing after polishing metal surfaces, as it deposits a thin protective film on the surface.

Teak Oil

Teak Oil£15.00

Liberon Teak Oil with UV filters.

A matt oil blending Linseed oil and Tung oil with UV filters to prevent greying of garden furniture.
Liberon Gesso

Liberon Gesso£12.00

Seals surfaces and provides an undertone prior to gilding

Liberon Black Bison Wax Polish

Liberon Black Bison Wax Polish£10.00

Liberon Black bison Wax

Fine Wood Stripper 500ml

Fine Wood Stripper 500ml£9.00

Liberon Fine Wood Stripper removes old paint and varnish finishes from wood and metal. It is kind to wood and fragile surfaces as no heavy scraping is required. The easy to use, non-drip gel formulation clings to the surface making it ideal for vertical surfaces.

Performance:- Strips paint and varnish from wood and metal. - Tough on paint and varnish yet gentle on wood. - Fast working time: 5-30 minutes. - Non-drip: gel formulation. - Usage: Interior

Rabbit Skin Glue

Rabbit Skin Glue£9.00

Traditional Rabbit Skin Glue

Purified beeswax block 200g

Purified beeswax block 200g£8.50

A solid block of purified beeswax,

Garnet Polish 250ml

Garnet Polish 250ml£8.00

Garnet Polish is a high quality, dark brown stained French Polish that is used to create an aged effect on dark woods.

Metal Effects Paint

Metal Effects Paint£8.00

A metal particle rich paint for a convincint metallic paint effect, water based for low odor and easy brush cleaning

Liberon Fontenay base ( red)

Liberon Fontenay base ( red)£7.00

Liberon Fontenay Base is ideal for sealing surfaces and providing a good stable working base prior to gilding.

Parafin Wax Block

Parafin Wax Block£6.55

Solid block of Parafin wax, seals endgrain, can also be used for mixing your own wax, various other uses

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Page 1 of 3:    25 Items