About Reid Timber

Welcome to the mail order section of Reid Timber, we are a Glasgow based wood-crafts supplier established for about ten years with a wide range of Native and Exotic timbers plus wood finishes, abrasives, tools and much more.

All Items are available ex-stock and delivery is usually in 2-3 days.

European delivery is possible for some items, go through the system and create a basket and then contact me for a quote.

The stock is constantly expanding and it may be possible to quickly cut more of something if I've run out just let me know what you need.

I have tried to put what to expect in the description in each case, relating to size tolerances, possibility of planer snipe, grain orientation, flaws etc but people aren't reading through the description, please read the noted on each item before ordering,  try to send out top quality items but perfection is not possible.

Opening hours 10am - 5 pm Tuesday to Saturday, 10am - 12.30pm Sunday. Closed Mondays.

Reid Timber 11 Forrest Street, Broad Street Industrial Estate. Glasgow. G40 2TX reidtimber@yahoo.co.uk 07815735225


Featured Products
Carving/modelmaking Blank Selector

Carving/modelmaking Blank Selector£3.30  -  £20.00

A range of species and sizes of carving and modelmaking blanks

Two Part Body blanks

Two Part Body blanks£28.00  -  £56.00

Two part body blanks for guitar and bass

Electric Ukulele and Mandolin Body Blank

Electric Ukulele and Mandolin Body Blank£15.00  -  £16.00

One piece body blanks for Electric Mandolin and Ukulele building.

More species being added all the time, check back for other species.
Sianet abrasive roll

Sianet abrasive roll£6.15

Hardwood Guitar Necks

Hardwood Guitar Necks£9.15  -  £33.40

Guitar Neck Blanks in a variety of suitable hardwoods

Fretboards for Mandolin and Ukulele

Fretboards for Mandolin and Ukulele£8.00  -  £15.00

Smaller fretboards for Mandolins and Ukuleles

Ceramic Pro-edge Belts

Ceramic Pro-edge Belts£5.70   £5.00

Superior Quality Ceramic Pro-edge belts manufactured by Klingspor and in grits unique to Reid Timber

Exotic Hardwood Necks from Mozambique

Exotic Hardwood Necks from Mozambique£15.00  -  £45.00

A range of Guitar necks from the Dalmann Sawmill in Mozambique