As well as the hundreds of boards available in store there is a range of dressed timber boards available for delivery, boards are to standard sizes planed two faces and sawn to width, allow 7-10 days for delivery. Although I am not able to offer custom sizes or make up cutting lists. Thicker boards and square stock will be added soon,

American White Oak

American White Oak is a dense hardwood used primarily for furniture not the easiest to work but it's attractiveness makes it worth it. Large stocks instore various thicknesses, never wider than abut 280mm

American Red Cherry

American Red Cherry is a rich mid brown wood with red and orange tones, expensive looking (and costing) it works easily and finishes well, some boards of each thickness held instore, generally 150-250mm wide

American Hard Maple

American Hard Maple is a denser, harder and slightly nicer figures Maple than our native version (Sycamore) It is hard but works well and very precise cuts are possible. Finishes well with lacquers or waxes. Instore stock in various thicknesses and widths often up to 250mm

American Black Walnut

Walnut is a medium density reasolably easy to work wood, but although expensive it's attractiveness makes it a the best selling hardwood in store. Extensive range instore, 150 to 280mm wide

Utile and Sapele

Utile and Sapele are two varieties of the same species, oftn called African Mahogany (for marketing reasons ) it's a straight grained medium density hardwood. Imported from the Congo but from legal sources (the chinese bought all the illegal stuff) Utile is stocked in preference due to it's higher quality but in some thicknesses only Sapele is available, cheeper but with a slightly interlocking grain, a nice wood, workable and attractive.

European Steamed Beech

European Steamed beech, easily worked, reasonably prices and attractive. available instore in various thicknesses and in widths up to about 200mm.

American White Ash

American White Ash is a pale, course grained timber, ring porous like Oak, it works reasonably well but care must be takes to use a grain filler or sanding sealer to acheive a good finish, can be used with coloured waxes (eg liming) or metalic gold cream for special effects, popular for turning and furniture projects, available instore in all the usual sizes and widths up to about 280mm

North American Tulipwood

North American Tulipwood dressed timber