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Hardwood Guitar Necks

Hardwood Guitar Necks
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Hardwood Guitar NecksHardwood Guitar NecksHardwood Guitar Necks
Hardwood Guitar NecksHardwood Guitar Necks
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Our Price:  £11.00

Dressed Hardwood blanks to cut necks from.


Blanks are pre-dressed allowing me to properly inspect timber before posting.


Although Dressed the blanks may need a small amount of flattening,

Brand:  EUTR Compiant


Guitar neck blanks in a variety of hardwoods, All Blanks are dressed and are rectangular.

Blanks are dressed 105mm wide

Rock Maple is a popular choice, it is pale almost white with attractive figure lines, it works well and is  very strong. Used on Telecaster guitars


Cherry is nice to work with a pinkish hue and a sapwood which tends towards yellow. Cherry can have dark resin streaks which may be confused for shakes and also can have occasional small cats paw type burring, the blanks will have one sppwood free face and no more than a narrow strip along one edge which should be cut out during shaping. Light in weight and attractive with an oil finish this is a nice choice. Cherry is used on the Martin America 1.



Guitar by Douglas Wood with Sapele neck                                    

Sapele and Utile are two varieties of the same species, Utile is often called Sipo, While the Sapele is better known and sells better I recommend the Utile which works better and is more attractive. Utile is used on the Martin 15 series guitars while Sapele is on the Martin DRS-1, great photos of each on their site.


The Walnut works well and is an attractive wood it goes well with most woods and would be nice with an Ash body. Selmer guitars used Walnut necks, there's also the Fender precision walnut and others by Carvin and Peavey