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Gunstock Blank Selection

Gunstock Blank Selection
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Our Price:  £23.00

A range of good quality 50mm thick timber blanks in sizes to suit a range of gunstocks. Blanks are intended to be of timbers easy to work and suitable for stock making, ideal for working guns. Where the size lists a taper the two sizes are the but end and fore end widths

I'm introducing 58mm thick blanks as I get a chance to order the stock and cut the blanks, should be here soon, I've already cut a couple of panga blanks.

American Red Cherry Blanks, 50 by 190 by 510mm

Utile Blanks 70mm by 190mm by 510mm

Walnut Blank 50mm by 150mm by 400mm

Walnut is light, strong and easy to work, finishes well with oil, these blanks are plain sawn and free of knots, not figured but attractive, and mid price.

More photo's please!

Ash is light in weight and strong, it works well and a variety of finishes can be achieved utilising stains and the ring porous nature of the wood.

Premium Ash will be very white, quite rare and well worth grabbing when I have some.


Light in weight and easy to work, use this if you intend staining or painting you stock.


Vibrant red colour, medium density and fairly easy to work, however it does fade if left in the sunlight for too long.


Panga Panga

Dark and almost black when oiled, very interesting to look at but harder to work than the other timbers listed here, worth considering, nice to look at and polishes up lovely. It will be about 25% heavier than English Walnut, often called Partridgewood.





Here's a photo of the Panga Panga on an Air Arms TX200HC

made by Steven Watson who mentioned that the weight

of the Panga helped to counter the recoil of the spring powered

Air Rifle.



Nice to work, somewhat heavier than walnut but with a striking grain, often called Zebrawood.