Guitar and Bass Blanks

A variety of precut neck blanks and one piece body blanks and fretboards

When you finish your guitar please send me a photo and I'll feature it on the site, remember to let me know if you want a link to your website or facebook page.

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Exotic Hardwood Necks from Mozambique

Exotic Hardwood Necks from Mozambique£15.00  -  £45.00

A range of Guitar necks from the Dalmann Sawmill in Mozambique

Flawless One Piece body Blanks

Flawless One Piece body Blanks£38.00  -  £55.00

Knot and colouration free one Piece body blanks

Thermally Aged Tonewood (Torrtefied)

Thermally Aged Tonewood (Torrtefied)£35.00  -  £48.00

Electric Guitar Tops

Electric Guitar Tops£18.00  -  £27.00

Thinner one piece blanks in sizes suitable for Electric Guitars

Two Part Body blanks

Two Part Body blanks£22.00  -  £51.00

Two part body blanks for guitar and bass

Three Piece Body Blanks

Three Piece Body Blanks£27.00  -  £29.00

Three consecutive pieces of timber off the same board for glueing up to make a body blank

Hardwood Guitar Necks

Hardwood Guitar Necks£9.15  -  £33.40

Guitar Neck Blanks in a variety of suitable hardwoods


Fretboards£4.00  -  £21.00

Thin boards of various exotic hardwoods suitable for fingerboards and box making

Cigar Box Guitar Neck blanks

Cigar Box Guitar Neck blanks£8.00

Blanks to fit cigar Box Guitars

Accent Strips For Guitar Building

Accent Strips For Guitar Building£3.00  -  £8.50

Thin strips for applying acent strips to guitar and bass bodies and necks

Guitar Making Abrasive Selection Packs

Guitar Making Abrasive Selection Packs£7.00  -  £12.00

Abrasive pack selected for guitar making

Micromesh Sheets

Micromesh Sheets£1.75  -  £6.75

Cloth backed Micro-mesh sheets

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