Fretboard Blanks

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Vietnamese Rosewood Fretboard

Vietnamese Rosewood Fretboard£18.00  -  £23.00

Scottish Yew Fretboard Blank

Scottish Yew Fretboard Blank£14.00

African Rosewood Fretboard

African Rosewood Fretboard£10.00  -  £18.00

African sandalwood

African sandalwood£10.00

Chacate Preto fretboard

Chacate Preto fretboard£10.00


Fretboards£4.00  -  £18.00

Thin boards of various exotic hardwoods suitable for fingerboards and box making

Mopane Fretboard

Mopane Fretboard£10.00

Rock Ironwood Fretboard

Rock Ironwood Fretboard£10.00

Pau Rosa Fretboard Blanks

Pau Rosa Fretboard Blanks£8.00  -  £13.50

Panga Panga Fretboard Blanks

Panga Panga Fretboard Blanks£6.00  -  £11.00

Mahogany Fretboard Blanks

Mahogany Fretboard Blanks£5.00  -  £5.50


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items