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Our Price:  £10.00

The Ebony has arrived and will be cut up and on sale by Thursday, if you want to hold off ordering, I'm also cutting more purp;eheart and some padauk

Brand:  Independently imported from reputable sources


54mm by 600mm by 10mm Fingerboards for Ukulele or Mandolin and 70 by 10 by 500mm for guitars

Bocote is a mexican timber with a startling figure, it works very well and polishes up great, Panga Panga is a dark timber from Africa, tougher to work but looks good when finished, Purpleheart is a striking timber from Africa , bright purple it is very dense but works and polishes acceptably, Vietnamese Rosewood (Dalbergia Oliveri) is the last of a legal stock of now banned timber, It is a rich red colour and is very dense, it works acceptably and polishes up well.Just wanted to let you know that the wood has arrived and that the quality is fantastic so thank you. The grain on the Panga Panga boards is stunning! David M

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