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Exotic Hardwood Necks from Mozambique

Exotic Hardwood Necks from Mozambique
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Our Price:  £27.00

Brand:  Dalmann


Ethically sourced exotic timbers from a small sawmill in north west Mozambique


These necks are the first of a range that we are developing in conjunction with the Dalmann sawmill. The necks are 23mm by 105mm by 1000mm

The African Blackwood is 2.8kg, nice quality although there is a pale inclusion on one side near one end. This one may be dramatic with a Maple fretboard. (sold out)

The Chacate Preto is quite startlingly attractive, 2.5kg, nice quality.

The Brown Ivory is rift or quarter sawn, polishes up to a fine lustre (hence the name) Heaby at 3kg

Mopane 2.8kg a nice wood but cut quite near the cewntre of the tree with some surface checking.

Xylia is an attractive wood with a reddish hue and a marbled figure, 3kg, some drying checks on these, which is ccommon with xylia.
All are kiln dried to 6% or 8%

The Kiaat necks are 2kg, and are close to quarter sawn

Wild Mango is medium workability and mid to high density (the blanks weigh 2.2kg) but it's attractiveness make it a top choice.