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Brand:  Imported under strict EU Timber Regulations


Electric Guitar Body Blanks, all blanks are one piece blanks cut from very wide boards without a glue line, Available in Walnut, Maple, Utile, Ash, Cherry, Nigerian Cedar (Agba) and Tulipwood.

There are three sizes, the small are 355mm by 480mm by 46mm thick, standard are 355mm by 535mm by 46mm thick, the large are 46mm by 455mm by 575mm suitable for flying V's or Axe bass' where possible the blanks will be machined to centre the grain pattern on the line of the strings, sizes are approximate and a few milimetres less on the width is not considered a flaw.

Blanks are machined to size and sanded smooth, they will require final finishing.The slight seconds are useable but may be undersize or contain missing corners, poor colour or small shakes.

Guitar made by Alistair Russell using an Ash one piece blank.

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