CNC Machining Blanks

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3mm Birch Laser Ply A4

3mm Birch Laser Ply A4£0.80  -  £9.00

A4 by 3mm Birch Ply

3mm Medite (MDF) laser compatible sheets

3mm Medite (MDF) laser compatible sheets£1.45  -  £13.50

A3 Timber for CNC Machines

A3 Timber for CNC Machines£15.50  -  £18.00

A4 Timber Blocks

A4 Timber Blocks£7.80  -  £14.20

Wide Blocks for Carving Machines

Wide Blocks for Carving Machines£21.00  -  £29.00

Wood for Desktop  CNC Machines

Wood for Desktop CNC Machines£6.20  -  £11.00

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items