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Cigar Box Guitar Neck blanks

Cigar Box Guitar Neck blanks
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blanks marked 2nd have cosmetic differences and should be perfectly useable and some may prefer a bit of character, thickness may be 20mm - 22mm

Blanks marked small are 20-22mm by 38-40mm by 900mm
Cigar Box Guitar Neck BlanksBlanks are machined to 40mm by 22mm by 950mmBlanks are not finished necks and are intended to be squared up and sanded.

Cherry, Maple and Tulipwood Neck blanks

The Blanks are dressed, 22mm thick 40mm wide and 950mm long.

New stock is 40mm wide, older stock may be up to 45mm

African Rosewood is a medium density Timber, easy to work and with a dramatic figure,


Quartersawn ( left in photo)

Figured (middle)

Flatsawn (right)

plain Sawn  or Quartersawn


The Teak is genuine old stock Burmese Teak that I've had for years, it gives a great folksy look ideal for a Cigar Box Guitar, The plain sawn shows the figure while the quartersawn has straight grain lines and the curly has nice wide bands of ripple and is slightly thinner than the rest at about 20mm, slightly harder to work with hand planes but very nice.