Chestnut Products

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Cyanocrylate superglue in a range of sizes and viscosities plus accelerator and debonder

Preparation and Application

A wide range of abrasives, brushes cloths etc.

Buffing System

A polishing system developed for the wood turner and woodworker using methods and materials from the metal polishing trades.

Chestnut Waxes

Wood finishing waxes in a range suitable for furniture, floors and turning.

Chestnut Oils

A range of wood finishing oils from independent British company Chestnut products

Chestnut Sanding Sealers

Sanding sealers fill grain, aid sanding and provide a base for further finishes


Water and Cellulose based Lacquers for finishing any wood product.


Wood stains in spirit based for hardwoods and softwoods in wood and primary colours plus some formulated for staining pine

From the Chestnut website

We thought you might like to know just a little bit more about Chestnut Products…

  • People assume we’re a big, multinational company because everything looks right – well we hope it does. We’re still a small, family based business.
  • We work closely with a local Social Enterprise company who give work to people with disabilities and/or disadvantages, offering them as much support as we can.
  • We’ve been around for just over 25 years now after being created in 1991
  • We produce surprisingly little waste, and recycle as much of it as we can – including all cardboard/paper, plastic and metal.
  • Some of the text on the first ever batch of labels got mixed up and had to be reprinted – a costly early mistake!
  • Terry Smart, who started the company, is still in charge (see ‘About Us‘)…
  • …and when I’m not working at shows or seeing customers I’m still there in the office and warehouse most days, answering questions and packing orders! – Terry
  • The majority – over 90% – of our products are made in the UK.
  • Most of our products are still mixed and/or finished by hand, not machine.
  • We’re a small team of 2 with a few outworkers, family and partners to call on when needed.
  • And we work closely with our customers to make sure our products do what they should, every time.