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Chacate Preto fretboard

Chacate Preto fretboard
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 Chacate Preto fretboardChacate Preto fretboard 
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Our Price:  £15.00

Fretboards are 550mm long
70mm wide and
7-10mm thick

Brand:  Dalmann


Ethically sourced exotic timbers from a small sawmill in north west Mozambique

More are on order, but no news yet of likely delivery date, use notification request to receice an automated email when they do arrive.

Fretboard blanks from Chacate Preto
guibourtia conjugata

Absolutely my favourite wood, far nicer than any rosewood I've

ever had, works a dream, darkens with exposure to a deeper richer

shade with no loss of figure. Highly Recommended.


Chacate preto is a tree of the gibourtia family which

includes Bubinga and Ovangkol, it's often called

African Rosewood and while having a green tinge

similar to genuine Lignum Vitae when fresh cut it

darkens to near blank with exposure to air and light,

softer and easier to work than ebony is could easily

be mistaken for a figured piece of ebony, it works very

easily and polishes to a fine finish,

Chacate Preto is a medium sizes tree grown in the

Dalmann forest in north west Mozambique, Dalmann

are licensed to manage a forest of approximately

ten square miles where they are involved in numerous

community projects as well as planting about five trees

for each one harvested ( about 10000 a year)