Carving and modelmaking Blanks

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Agba Carving Blanks

Agba Carving Blanks£3.10  -  £8.50

Agba is a supreme carving timber.

Ayous EasyCarve Blanks

Ayous EasyCarve Blanks£9.25  -  £37.00

Carving/modelmaking Blank Selector

Carving/modelmaking Blank Selector£3.30  -  £20.00

A range of species and sizes of carving and modelmaking blanks

Cherry Carving Blank

Cherry Carving Blank£1.80  -  £9.50

Cherry Carving Blank

Lime Carving Blanks

Lime Carving Blanks£4.86  -  £20.00

Lime carving Blanks.

Neck Offcuts for Blocks

Neck Offcuts for Blocks£2.00  -  £4.00

Sonokeling Rosewood£6.50

Sonokeling Rosewood bowl and spindle blanks.

Tamboti carving Blanks

Tamboti carving Blanks£5.50

Tamboti carving blanks

Tamboti Spindle Blank

Tamboti Spindle Blank£6.50  -  £15.00

Tamboti Spindle Blank

Tulipwood Carving and Modelmaking  Blanks

Tulipwood Carving and Modelmaking Blanks£2.00  -  £11.50

Tulipwood Carving Blanks

Utile Carving and Modelmaking blanks

Utile Carving and Modelmaking blanks£4.50  -  £15.00

Carving and Modelmaking Blanks in Utile

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Page 1 of 2:    13 Items