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Carving/modelmaking Blank Selector

Carving/modelmaking Blank Selector
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Carving/modelmaking Blank SelectorCarving/modelmaking Blank SelectorCarving/modelmaking Blank Selector
Carving/modelmaking Blank SelectorCarving/modelmaking Blank Selector
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All listed timbers are in stock, Larger quantities (than those listed) are available on request.


Select from a range of popular carving blanks

The selection is small but more are being added all the time, check back or request that a specific item be added.<


Tulipwood, firmer than lime, gives a courser texture off the tool, white with a greenish tinge, fun to carve with a nice feel as it cuts. Used for Rocking horses. A budget carving timber (called Poplar in the US)

Beech, again firm but precise to carve, suitable for smaller more detailed carvings, the pinkness may suit portraiture.

Cherry. at the upper end of firmness however it cuts well and takes fine detail, for very detailed carvings the slowing effect of the density can help, a very attractive timber.

Black Walnut, harder to carve than the, now virtually unobtainable European variety. This does carve and is very attractive but is possibly too dense for most people, machines well and is very popular for architectural model making.

Utile is a high quality Mahogany substitute, it machines well and carves although it is on the hard side.Agba is soft with a tendency to stringyness but should hand carve well, may be on the soft side for clean machining, can have gum tracts although blocks will be cut to keep these to a minimum.