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Brown Ivory Fretboard Blanks

Brown Ivory Fretboard Blanks
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A Recommended Timber

Sold in several optionsRaw- This is the blank as it arrives, not dressed but fairly clean, thicknesses are approximateDressed- run through the machines to clean it up and get it to a set thickness.Quartersawn- blanks with a grain 60 to 90 degrees to the face.Best- those blanks which stand out in one way or another as being the best of the batch

Brown Ivory
Berchemia discolor
Dense Exotic hardwood from Mozambique
Dense and hard but relatively easy to plane and polish, comes up to a very high shine fairly easily, S.G 0.97
a variety of the same species as Pink Ivory.
sourced from an area of restored forest.

Brown Ivory used to make a bowl.