Bowl and Spindle Blanks

Exotic Bowl and Spindle Blanks

A range of exotic timbers precut into circular bowl and spindle blanks

Hardwood Bowl and Spindle Blanks

Hardwood bowl and spindle blanks, all blanks are cut round and waxed.

Scottish Hardwood bowl and spindle blanks

Bowl and Spindle blanks cut from Native Scottish grown timbers

All bowl blanks are cut circular and waxed. The Thickness refers to the board thickness, these boards are dressed before the blanks are cut so the blanks will be a few mm thinner than the given dimension, Exotic blanks are air or kiln dried and (unless otherwise noted) are dried to 12% or below. Hardwood blanks are all kiln dried, native blanks are air dried to 12% or lower. please be aware that taking a blank into a warm home or dry shed can cause it to split very quickly, if in doubt keep your blanks in a poly bag till you use them.