Body blanks

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Flawless Guitar Body Blanks

Flawless Guitar Body Blanks£38.00  -  £90.00

Knot and colouration free one Piece body blanks

Unprocessed Guitar Blanks

Unprocessed Guitar Blanks£10.00  -  £59.00

Mahogany Body Blanks

Mahogany Body Blanks£43.00  -  £51.00

Thermally Aged Tonewood (Torrefied)

Thermally Aged Tonewood (Torrefied)£36.00  -  £38.00

Two Part Body blanks

Two Part Body blanks£23.00  -  £56.00

Two part body blanks for guitar and bass

Electric Guitar Tops

Electric Guitar Tops£18.00  -  £27.00

Thinner one piece blanks in sizes suitable for Electric Guitars

Three Piece Body Blanks

Three Piece Body Blanks£25.00  -  £32.00

Three consecutive pieces of timber off the same board for glueing up to make a body blank

One Piece Electric Guitar Body Blanks

One Piece Electric Guitar Body Blanks£28.00  -  £80.00

Electric Guitar Body Blanks in One and Two piece, in Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Utile (Mahogany) Ash and Tulipwood.


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items