Friday, 13 July 2018  |  Alastair

Hello, just a chance to go over some of the environmental concerns. Firstly sourcing timber, Although EU import restrictions specify high standards, there are still concerns mostly regarding country of origin and potential for fraud. Much of the timber sold originates in the US is commercially and if from managed sources, the Utile and Sapele come from the Congo where corruption is still common, The Exotics are generally carefully sourced and much scrutinised. The Dalmann timber is all ethically sourced and is of the highest possible standard. Natives generally come from non managed sources and are a by product of construction or road building or the removal of unsafe trees.

Wood waste from the shop ( predominantly sawdust and chips,) goes to a local farm where it is used for bedding and is then spread with the muck. This is about 5-8 tonnes per year. In addition visitors in winter will notice that the store is not heated, this does not go down well with customers but by turning the heating off I can save the equivalent of a carrier bag (8 grams) worth of carbon every three seconds.

In addition can I recommend a couple of interesting websites

https://www.ecosia.org/      This is a search engine that uses the income from advertising clicks to plant trees, 32 million at time of writing.


https://offset.climateneutralnow.org/   This is a United Nations scheme which allows you to buy credits in projects to offset carbon or generate green energy you can choose the scheme, from large power plants and dams to solar water heater distribution, credits cost from $1 to £5 per tonne making an average UK persons footprint can be offset for about £1800

https://www.theoceancleanup.com/  This is a scheme to tackle the great pacific garbage patch, still is development but you can support by donations or buying merchandise.

Another interesting site is here


They planted over 7 million trees last year and supported community projects in Africa, the section on their troubles with fraud in Malawi is sobering but they continue to do good work, they take donations to support their work.