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African sandalwood

African sandalwood
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Guitar blanks are 550mm by 70mm
Bass Blanks are 630mm by 70mm
the blnks sold as Best are the ones that stand out as really nice examples

Brand:  Dalmann


Ethically sourced exotic timbers from a small sawmill in north west Mozambique


African Sandalwood

spirostachys africana

commonly known as Tamboti is a dense hardwood from Mozambique, it works well and cuts and planes with ease,

has a reasonably straight grain bit a slight wave does add to the attractiveness without making it harder to work

 a very attractive wood with good workability, recommended

for guitar work.

the density is 0.81 which is medium the stability is

good with a volumetric shrinkage of 8.2% compared to

19% for ebony and a TR ratio of 1.9, the wood is not are

or endangered and is sustainably grown in an area

currently being reforested.