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African Blackwood Fretboard Blank

African Blackwood Fretboard Blank
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Fretboard Blanks in African Blackwood
Dalbergia melanoxylon
produced by the Dalmann Sawmill in Mozambique

African Blackwood is a member of the rosewood family of timbers, although endangered the Dalmann concession if managing a forest which it is trying to return to it's natural state and as such has planted over 10 000 Blackwood saplings in recent years.

Blackwood is very dense and a very hard wood making it ideal for fretboards. Typically much darker than most currently available Ebony and comparable or cheaper in price.

Sold individually and described below

Size 69mm by 633mm by 10.5mm
Notes Very black, straight grained, very few flaws.

2 Size 69mm by 552mm by 7mmNotes Medium black with slight marbling, some sapwood not necessarily left after shaping, chip/tearout at one end.3 Size 70mm by 617mm by 8mmNotes Dark but not jet black showing attractive figure. very few flaws.4Size 70mm by 551mm by 12mmNotes fairly dark, some sapwood and marbling on one side but almost certainly won't remain on shaped fretboard. Some flaws on side with sapwood but when thinned down I think these will disappear.5Size 69mm by 630mm by 9mmNotes Not black but nice and dark, some sapwood on outside which should be shaped off when the curve is planed in otherwise a nice blank.6Size 70mm by 633mm by 9mmNotes Fairly dark but with visible grain no obvious flaws.